Our Maintenance Services


Routine activities meant to prevent damage and prolong the life of appliances and fixtures. Minor repairs when something is broken, damaged or stop working. Minor fixtures and repairs to the actual property as well. Please note any major repairs, installations and/or painting is a separate service with a separate cost.


General cleaning of the building’s community area only. Vacuum sweep and mop community area floors. Collect and dispose of trash from community areas. If all trash and common areas are safe from hazards materials and inline with OSHA regulations. If hazards condition (i.e. blood, needles, unsafe materials) are present, different protocols take place with additional fee.


Cultivation and care of the landscaping and grounds surrounding the building. Plant flowers, mows lawn, pull weeds and trim and edge around sidewalk. Sweep sidewalks from debris. Rake, mulch and prune the grounds as needed. Water plants and grass as needed. All lawn areas will be mowed every 5-10 days during growing season. Sidewalks and curbs will be edged every 3 weeks to prevent dangerous conditions. *Landscaping is calculated from April to October

Snow Removal

Taking care of the grounds surrounding the building during the snow season. The snow will be removed from your driveway, sidewalks, and surroundings quickly and efficiently. Our crew will work from midnight through the morning to clear snow and allow everybody to get to work and school on time. Snow is calculated only for the winter months November to March.